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Hello, Loves!

So happy to be sharing the second post in the Wedding Tuesday’s miniseries!

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Last week, we talked about picking out your dress and how your dress is the perfect starting point for everything else – but how do we translate a wedding dress into a design board?

If you’re thinking about skipping this step and just using Pinterest instead – I’d warn you to not skip!

Having a tangible, real design board that you can hold is much better than a virtual board on Pinterest of the like.

With a tangiable board you can actually pin swatches of fabrics, paint swatches and different calligraphy styles all at your fingertips.

Having something like this is also much more helpful for your planner, Maid/Matron of Honor and everyone involved!

And not to mention, it will be a cherished keepsake for years to come – unlike a Pinterest board that could have glitches and a million different things go wrong.

Having a real board will also get your creativity going, which is something you as the bride will need weather you have a planner or not!

When translating your style and taste from your gown, think first of why you picked the dress you did.

What about that dress made you fall head over heels for it? What thoughts did it give you? What feeling?

Translate these into textures, color hues, tastes and florals designs – just have fun!

Run with it but keep it in the back of your mind about your dress and what you want everything else to look surrounding it.

I think for me, the design board was one of the most fun parts! And once you start really thinking about it and putting things together, translating all of this isn’t as hard you might think.

For the bare bones of mine I used cushioned poster board and clear push pins – I would suggest something simple like this so that your board and/or pushpins don’t compete with all your hard work you have on the board.

It can be as big or little as you like, and instead of one you could have a few different ones.

Like you could have one for your cake plans, one for table settings, and one for table design, floral design or isle design.

One of the best things about starting your design board? It’s cost effective!

A simple poster board and pushpins are easy to get at places like Walmart or Dollar Tree – both very cost effective stores.

The rest is up to you!

Did you have a design board? What are your thoughts on having one?

As always, keep it classy and post your questions and comments below!


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8 thoughts on “WT // Starting A Design Board 

  1. I find design boards are so helpful! I usually just do pinterest design boards, but I used to make some physical idea boards for art projects as a kid. I can definitely see how a design board would be a great idea for planning a wedding 🙂

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