taking time for the little things

Hello, loves!

As I sit writing this, it’s raining outside – you know, that nice and steady “spring” rain, the one that you can smell before it comes.

The wind is making the bedroom curtains sway and flow, it’s beautiful.

I have my salt rock lamp on, I love the warm and subtle glow it creates when I turn it on in a room! My parents and I once took a month long RV trip all the way from North Carolina to Idaho and back, basically making a big circle all around the West and I picked it up somewhere on that trip!

But, normally, I wouldn’t take the time to sit here with some lavender tea and oranges and just appreciate what I am today.

No – I’d probably have the TV turned up for noise and would be busy fretting over housework!

I think that this rat-race mentality, while good for productivity, tends to also harm us if we’re not careful. It’s easy to always go go go, and never stop to appreciate all of God’s handiwork!

When I was younger my Daddy would always take me hiking on our land, and we had a “special tree” we would go to. The tree formed a perfect bench – naturally – for two people, and we would sit and eat our lunch and just listen to the birds and the creek that was inches away from us.

It was beautiful.

In his own way, my Daddy was teaching me that it was ok to slow down for a bit, and just be.

It was during this time that he would teach me different birds by their calls, what species a tree was by its bark, and what was edible in our woods and what was not. We would track animals by their paw prints just for fun, and determine what kind of moss was growing around us!

it was in this time that my Daddy was teaching me to “just be” in Christ, while also learning our land so I could know it like the back of my hand

Beauty is everywhere around us, no matter where you live. Big cities have parks, and small towns like mine have endless woods and endless fields to slow down in – there is always a place to slow down and appreciate the little things, to appreciate God’s work.

Within the last year, I ventured back out to the tree bench – it was still in perfect condition, as if God has been saving it all these years to be used again. Our God is a great God!

I know that everyone is busy, trust me, I do! But never forget to at least once a week take a few minutes out of your time to just sit – and be.

The world will once again be a beautiful place to you, through Him.

autumn renae 


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10 thoughts on “taking time for the little things

  1. It’s so important to slow down, have some quiet time and enjoy the little things like you say! I’m so glad that you had a father who took you hiking and taught you about the land and to appreciate the little things ❤

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  2. It sounds relaxing to do those things. I enjoy going out to Falls Lake and taking it all in. It is really beautiful there. I’m a fan of water and I think it is due to the times I went fishing with my dad in Ohio growing up. There is something soothing about water. Whether it is raining, a lake, waterfall or ocean waves. They all do their magic;)


  3. Wow Autumn, Thanks for making me part of that beautiful blog, you have been such a blessing to me and mom all these years. I am so proud of you and love you so much! …Daddy.

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