what herbs did I plant!?


It’s sooooo windy today that our little homestead is in the “tornado warning” zone … that being said I have the animals safely up, the raised beds covered and potted plants in our beautiful new shed!

This year I planted 12 herbs and I’m so excited! Herbs are great for both medicinal use and for cooking, and today I’ll be telling you how I’ll be using all 12 in the kitchen.

All of my herbs have been planted, and today I thought I would share what they were and why I planted them. Hopefully, you like some of these, or after reading this post will decide you’d like to try your hand at a few of them!


I planted this beauty because I’m in hopes of making my own chamomile tea! It’s one of my favorites, and I would love to be able to harvest my own chamomile and make my own tea bags – knowing that it was ethically harvested and organically grown.



looove using thyme in our kitchen! It adds a nice touch to several dishes we make here and it’s also a pretty growing herb and makes the garden look nice.



This has so many wonderful uses, and when getting seeds this year I knew I would need to get packs of spearmint! I like to make spearmint tea, and it’s a wonderful additive for things like jams and jellies and ice cream! Plus, it smells wonderful and propagates itself.



I know that basil has several uses, but all growing up to know I’ve loved using the leaves for soups and pesto! Recently, I’ve used some in a salad and it was divine.



I like using this herb is kinds of pasta and such, just to get that hint of “lemon-pine” and also to add a nice scent to the dish!



This is something commonly used in a stir fry for the flavor, and taken out of the dish before eating. It works well, I’m excited to have some homegrown cilantro!



Oh boy. This is my absolute favorite herb! Like chamomile, I want to be able to make my own ethically harvested lavender for tea, and to put in various baked goods as well! I absolutely loove this herb, and the smell is just heavenly.



Growing up, my Daddy couldn’t eat a lot of onions and we generally didn’t use garlic either – but beings that chives are much milder yet give a close taste, we used chives instead! Chives are great for dips, soups, cheeses and salad and are always something I use when cooking if I have some on hand.



Is something we used growing up too, and was dried. Dry sage leaves are great to put with things like pork, chicken, duck and beef!



I like oregano with pizzas or anything with a tomato-y base! With only about a teaspoon of oregano, the dish will be spiced up and taste wonderful.



Oh man! Parsley is soooo versatile – I use it in salads, sauces, marinades and soup.



This is something new to the herb garden, but I’m excited to try it!

I’d like to try it with hot and cold drinks, as a dried tea and perhaps as a sugar once I’ve tried it in drinks and as a herbal tea! Did you know that two tablespoons of dried stevia leaf powder are equal to one cup of sugar?!


I hope you enjoyed reading about this year’s herb plantings! What have you planted so far, or what would you like to try?

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4 thoughts on “what herbs did I plant!?

  1. We just planted our first herb garden !!! We did Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Cilantro to start off !!! Great uses for your herbs ! My hubby is the cook and he can’t wait until our plants are mature enough to use !


  2. Nice! You’ve got a few more than me right now. I’ve got thyme, sweet mint, basil, rosemary (a giant bush that I love!), cilantro, lavender, sage, and oregano going right now. I was thinking about adding chives and parsley though, and maybe dill.

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