Solving The Weekly Cleaning Delima

Hello, ya’ll!

Anyone that knows me knows I’m veryyyyyy Southern, and “ya’ll” is just a normal part of my vocabulary! (I’m also unashamed of my Southern roots, by the way πŸ˜‰ )

Today I’m going to share something I recently found to help me stay on top of my house cleaning, and also some tips on starting a revised (or new) house cleaning schedule!

Ever since getting married and having my own household to take care of, creating a cleaning schedule has been a priority for me. I would either make one with wayyyy too much on it for each day (getting burnt out) or put too little and have things pile up ….. and I began to really hate that cycle!

So, over this past weekend, I brainstormed and tried once again to create a manageable list that got everything done and left the house fresh and clean.

I’m a “list girl” and love my lists – they keep me on track, aggravate me if I leave something on said list, and also keep me happy because I completed a project that (normally?) looks great!

That’s where I started – I looked online for a printable list until I found the one that fit my needs for a weekly and monthly section and was also colorful. Finally, I found the one!

I found this colorful weekly/monthly list on and printed out the blank colorful list – but it gets better!

Knowing I only wanted to print out 1 copy (plus the fact I only had 2 sheets of printing paper in the printer … my bad!) and the fact I have an obsession with dry-erase types of things, I set out to find things in my home I already had (free! what a plus!) to make it erasable.

I found an unused sheet protector I wasn’t using in my handmade kitchen notebook and an old dry erase marker that I wasn’t using and voila! I had a plan for my new weekly/monthly cleaning schedule!

First, I started by filling out my schedule and placed it in the clear sheet protector.

I didn’t like how the ring tabs stuck out on the side of the sheet protector (since it was originally to be used in a 3-ring binder) so I carefully cut down the side to make that side straight like the other side before clipping it on my wall!

The end result?? An amazing completely free trendy, colorful cleaning schedule that isn’t an eyesore to look at and didn’t cost me $15-$30 to have! I’ll take that πŸ˜‰

Here’s a picture of the end result! I hope this inspires you to freshen up your cleaning schedule and try this thrifty erasable DIY!




The other great thing is that I can keep it out so I’ll see it, but it’s not an eyesore and it’s very compact! Great idea in my book, and you know how I love DIYs.

I hope this post helped you with some ideas on how to display and organize your cleaning schedule – and for free!!

Comment below …. and remember to keep it classy! Let me know if you decide to try this for your own home, and enjoy.


P.S. Would you like me to do a post on my handmade kitchen notebook!? I think every home should have one – and they are so customizable! 

If you’re interested, please say so in the comments! Thank You. 


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5 thoughts on “Solving The Weekly Cleaning Delima

  1. This little list looks so handy! I can never keep up with everything but maybe breaking it up will help! I’m going to give it a try. And YES! I’d love to see your kitchen notebook!

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