life lately

where do I start?

this journey of mine has taken me so many places so far – both physically and mentally.

I have traveled many miles to events to continue learning about a healthy, organic, natural lifestyle.

like anything else in life, I seriously doubt the learning ever stops – ever leads to a dead end, a wall.

learning goes on forever, and it seems like this journey is going so fast yet so slow at the same time! funny, isn’t it?

yet I am a million more steps in the right direction than I was just three short months ago!

so, let’s begin with some of the things I changed right off the bat.

  1. I started drinking the daily minimum of water – every. single. day. let’s just say, I’ve never felt more refreshed in my life!
  2. my food changed. I eat more whole foods now, and follow my own type of eating habits that best fit me and my lifestyle! it’s a very personal decision and one that you should be very slow and methodical with.
  3. the vision I have for myself, and my personal future, changed and adapted. this is important if you want a whole, organic, natural approach to life to be more than just a fad – this is needed to make it a bona fide lifestyle.
  4. I started learning – I started eating and breathing books about these kinds of things and this kind of lifestyle.

since then, and very recently, I added to this list!

the process of reading, researching and learning takes a while. all this knowledge just doesn’t get dumped in your lap overnight – sometimes you have to scrounge for it.

sometimes, even, it takes funds to start or do something you’ve learned.

or, even elbow grease.

here are some of the most recent things I have started doing:

  1. doing aromatherapy. I honestly think this is one of my very favorite things to learn about, and then experiment with! it’s infatuating, and really does have excellent benefits!
  2. taking time for myself in the morning and evening. this is just “me” time when I do breathing exercises and just slow down to think, regroup, and reenergize.
  3. cycling my “super tea” favorites! this means I have a specific day/night I have my matcha tea, elderberry infused tea, or specialty pomegranate or ginger tea.
  4. I recently went to Whole Foods and made the leap to switch my run of the mill household cleaning products for organic, non-GMO, chemically free and naturally derived ones!!! (super excited about this, btw)
  5. drying my own hand-grown and ethically harvested herbs!! (so much good pride here)
  6. doing 30 minutes of yoga or pilates every morning – even on gym days! I have seen such a significant difference in my days since doing this, too.

I’m very pleased with how I’m shaping my little world into what I feel led for it to be like – it’s wonderful, and day by day I’m learning more about why God put me here and the directions He wants me to go.

He has given me many gifts, and each one has a place in my heart – but a few of them are so special and stand out so much more.

there is one more special thing that has happened recently, though.

we are now a family of four! little Bear came to us at only eight weeks old …… he has been with us only a week and one day, but has already captured our hearts!

our Adeline is a great big sister, and watches over him! our hearts are full of pride and joy for our new family member.

all in all, life has been very joyous but busy lately!

I did not forget about my blog, but there have been days when I just decided to really enjoy the little moments and live. that’s so important, isn’t it?

we’ve also had some family health issues, which I will share someday when it is the proper time, and these have also taken up a lot of time and life.

my daddy and I went on our own trip, just the two of us, to the mountains to take a photography workshop – it was wonderful!

it was also the first time I had been somewhere without my husband, and while I missed him terribly, I loved spending quality time with my daddy.

the more I learn, the more I want to share what I am learning with you!

while I can’t promise there will be multiple blog posts a week, like every day, I am going to try to share at least a couple times a week – or even once a week, or every other.

life is very much about the little moments and very personal, and I feel compelled to devote the majority of my time to that and really create a haven while I’m here.

I’m finally becoming the woman I’ve always been meant to be, and my confidence is growing like never before. I feel blessed and happy to be living a life I can be proud of!

so, dear friends, I will talk to you soon and share more things I have learned, what we’ve been up to and what new adventures we’ve been on.

much love!

autumn renae






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Hello, there! Grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the ride while I teach you about living a natural and authentic lifestyle with the life God gave you!

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