hello, 2018!

Geez, where did 2017 go?

To be honest I’m still kinda scratching my head because last I checked it was like September, haha!

So if you’ve been wondering what ever happened to the blog/studio/website …… let’s just say I’ve been without a laptop, k?

Yeah it was pretty bad, my Apple MacAir died on me which was somewhat sad but at the same time to be honest I like Apple phone a lot better than Apple computers! I know, kinda weird, but I’m super happy with HP Envy I got for Christmas!!!

So, life is getting back to normal and I hope the ending of Winter/Spring to really get back in the groove of blogging/studio work.

Life for us has been topsy-turvy since a little before Christmastime but I think we’re finally getting back in the swing of things! Plus, Sam had bronchitis for over 5 weeks which wasn’t fun at all and thankfully that’s better now, as well!

I was ready for the New Year …. looking back now, a refresh was just what I needed after a very hairy, very wacky year. I was literally all over the place in my head, in life, just everything seemed “off” and got worse as the year went on.

On the happy flip side, I turned 21 and my husband and I went on a fantastic anniversary trip, and a few other good things as well such as Re-Dedicating my life over to the Lord.

As the end of the year came, I decided to tackle the biggest thing I’ve ever dealt with before – PCOS, anxiety, bulimia and depression. Things that have haunted me since High School but I never had the courage to face head on until ….. now.

In 2018 I intend to naturally and holistically heal my body, soul and mind.

To be honest, facing these things still terrify me …. but I have a big God, a husband who fiercely supports me and tons of support!

I also intend to really focus on health, holistic nutrition and the art of growing my own sustainable food. Business wise, I just want to get on top of things and try to find my niche and place as well as try some other art forms.

As a couple, we’re intending to spend less and save more, pay off some debts and just keep learning the art of marriage – can I get an amen on the last one?! 😉

This year I didn’t set up resolutions, but instead made up Intentions, Habits and Goals.

I think this a much better approach then the same-old “resolution” model that always get ditched three weeks in!

I’ll be posting my Intentions, Habits and Goals lists by the end of the week, so if you’re interested in those be on the lookout!!

This post was really just welcoming 2018, explaining my absence and some other little tidbits!

I genuinely missed blogging and I’m so happy to be back! (and for a new working laptop! 😉 )


xoxo, Autumn Renae hello 2018.jpg



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