About Autumn


It’s nice to meet you, my name is Autumn Renae – I’m so glad you’re here!

My blogging journey began when my now husband and I had just begun dating. Between the excitement of getting to know the love of my life I also decided to jump headfirst into starting a blog!

You may have stumbled upon this blog by my studio website Autumn Renae Designs or on the vast internet domain!

Some things about myself you might want to know:

•I was homeschooled K-12

•My Faith is very important to me! I was Saved by God’s Grace when I was young and then got Reassurance in early HS.

•After a few years of being backslidden, I recently rededicated my life to ChHusband online, funnily enough! We started out as friends, then best friends, and then after much prayer fell in love!

•I got married at 21, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

•Out of personal conviction, I choose to only wear skirts and dresses. Modesty is also something I have a conviction about.

•My Husband and I are currently battling infertility!

•I grew up in a FIBP (Fundamental Independent Baptist) church, and continue to go to one this day. My husband grew up in an IMC (Independent Methodist) church.

•My sweet Hubby is a Pastors son!

•We built our house on my family’s generational land, started in 1806.

•I started my business in High School, and originally started by doing alterations for people in my town.

•After HS, I began making custom clothes and home decor.

•Today my business has grown into also offering handmade gifts, professional photography, and design classes!

Here on the blog I cover Homemaking, DIY Crafts, Modern Modesty Fashion, Faith and also just some Personal Thoughts.

I’m so glad you’ve stumbled on my blog, and hope you find the posts helpful!

So, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the ride!


Autumn Renae


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